About Afripixo

To promote travel and hospitality in Africa, Afripixo is a website housing a sizable picture library. Stock photos of African scenery and animals, as well as images showing African customs and practises, are all available to companies on the site. Images like these are invaluable to companies in the sector, as they can be used to improve advertising collateral, online presences, and social media pages.

Afripixo has become a popular resource for companies in the travel industry due to the growing need for graphic material in digital media. The platform’s picture library has been selected to provide exactly what companies in the African hotel and tourism industries need to market their respective industries through visuals.

The photographers whose work is featured on Afripixo are among the best in Africa, guaranteeing that the stock photos it offers are of the highest quality. The platform’s straightforward design makes it ideal for companies that are short on time but still need to find and download high-quality pictures for marketing purposes.

Afripixo is a great resource for companies that need high-quality pictures to advertise their hospitality and tourist offerings on the African continent. With its extensive photo library of African scenery, animals, and cultural artefacts, it is an indispensable promotional resource for the travel industry. The platform’s straightforward design and consistent standard of service have made it the go-to option for companies in need of high-resolution pictures for their promotional materials.

About Afripixo | Giant Lobelia Photo credits and by-line: Musiime P. Muramura
Giant Lobelia Photo credits and by-line: Musiime P. Muramura

Search, Select, Buy online

The platform is user-friendly, making it easy for businesses to find the perfect images for their marketing needs.

Using Afripixo, users can search for photos by keyword, location, or category, ensuring that they can find the exact image they need. Once they have found the perfect image, they can easily purchase it online and download it instantly, without any delays or complications.

Afripixo offers a wide range of photos, from stunning landscapes and wildlife shots to images of African cultures and traditions. The platform also provides a variety of sizes and resolutions to choose from, ensuring that businesses can get the right image for their specific needs.

The high-quality images available on Afripixo may improve the visual appeal of a company’s advertising materials and convey the spirit of African hospitality and tourism. Its user-friendly interface allows firms to easily get the visual assets they want for advertising purposes.


Free Photos and Videos

Companies in the modern day cannot be successful without a substantial internet presence. The tourist and hospitality sector is particularly susceptible to this. Using high-quality photographs and videos is one approach to improve your online visibility. Finding high-quality photos and video clips, however, may be difficult, particularly for startups with minimal resources.

Afripixo plays a role here. Afripixo is a free resource that provides high-quality photos and films that may be used to advertise Africa as a tourist destination. Stock photography of African landscapes, photography of African animals, and photography of African cultural practices are all included in the collection.

Afripixo has helped small firms in the sector compete with bigger enterprises with higher marketing expenditures by providing free access to such high-quality visual assets. As a result, the hotel business in Africa has been able to flourish and attract more visitors.

Media assets, By Domenico Loia | Unsplash | Afripixo
By Domenico Loia | Also Available free on Unsplash

Free Assets for your Business

In the hotel and tourist sector, first impressions are crucial to making sales. Using high-quality graphic information is one strategy for accomplishing this goal. You’re in luck since Afripixo provides a plethora of free materials that may be used to boost your advertising campaigns.

Whether you need designs for Adobe Indesign, After Effects, pull-up banners, posters, brochures, calendars, or breathtaking wildlife photographs, Afripixo has you covered.

You may use these no-cost resources to make engaging advertisements that will make your company stand out from the competition. You may expand your clientele and boost sales by using these tools in your digital media plan.

Use Afripixo’s free tools to immediately begin developing your brand’s promotional materials to the highest industry standards.